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Introduction of V.V. the 6th Mahasiddha in Zangwa, Genqiuese Rinpoche.

* In 1988, Venerable Genqiuese Rinpoche was born in the region of Ranchong, Sertar, Garze, Sichuan, China.
* Genqiuese Rinpoche was enthroned at the age of 5 at The Zara Temple.
* Together with various Rinpoche in Tibet, H.H. Akhyuk identified him as the reincarnation of a late 20th century master, Urgyen Rinzin Rinpoche (鄔金仁增), who was being identified as the reincarnation of Saraha, one of the Mahasiddhas in India.
* At the same year after the enthroned ceremony, Rinpoche started to learn Tibetan.
* During 1997, Rinpoche went to Sertar Larung Ngarik Nangten Lopling, also known as Wuming Buddhist Institute, where he studied Tibetan Buddhism sutras.
* In 2006, Rinpoche practiced the Great Perfection under H.H. Akhyuk’s guidance.
* Starting from 2007, Rinpoche took a three-year intensive retreat in practicing “The Great Eight Heruka”; while he also retrieved various Terma during this period, which includes many ritual practices.
* During 2010-2014, Rinpoche studied Therevada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism at Jiangxi Institute of Buddhism; and graduated with distinction.
* Venerable Genqiuese Rinpoche is now mainly staying at Ranchong Monastery, Sertar, Sichuan, China.